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Kindergarten - Primary school - High school

Asia Pacific College

High school

Asia Pacific College International School (APC) is an environment to meet parents’ expectation with superior features, offering a comprehensive solution for their children’s education, resolving common issues which most parents are concerned with.

Our next generation is growing up in an era, where cultures and economies become borderless. Attending Asia Pacific College International School, students can expand their knowledge about other countries, oriented to always have a global vision to learn or solve unforeseen issues.

Helping students to consolidate and develop the knowledge learned from previous grades, to complete general education, to have common understanding of technical and vocational training, and to have the ability to enhance self-development, thereby continuing  to study in colleges, universities, vocational schools or starting their career in Vietnam or oversea.

Teachers and staffs

Teaching at APC are Vietnamese and international teachers with years of experiences in education.

– Vietnamese teachers come from high-ranked local and international school with expertise and experience.

– International teachers mainly come from England, America, Australia and Canada. Those are English-speaking countries that have the most advanced education in the world.

In addition to knowledge and expertise, teachers at APC are all updated with latest teaching and psychological methods, dedicated to teaching. Many of them achieved excellent educational degrees and high achievement awards in education.

The teachers of Culture, Sports and Art programs are highly qualified experts.

APC’s staff closely observes and monitors students behavior through discipline and regulation, stay in touch and coordinate with parents to give their children development in a comprehensive way.