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Kindergarten - Primary school - High school

Asia Pacific College

Teaching program

1. Ministry of Education and Training Program

Developed from knowledge learned in the previous grades, ensuring that students have the general knowledge, basic Vietnamese literature, mathematics, history, ethnicity, knowledge about the social sciences, natural sciences, law and foreign languages. ​​At the same time, deliver to students an orientation in further study or vocational direction.

APC teaches basic learning programs for Grade 10-11-12. Besides, Math, Physics and Chemistry are added to other elective topics.

2. International Program

Asia Pacific College (APC) High school International programs are delivered to students by English native teachers with teaching experience, through 60 lessons per month.

All students are required to take a test to identify their suitable level. This program is English-centric. By using regularly updated books published by prestigious publishers around the world. The program aims at enhancing students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which focuses on effective and practical communication. This is the platform they will need to succeed when entering higher education either in Vietnam or oversea.

In addition to the basic English skills, they also learn academic skills to prepare for studying in university in others countries to ensure they have what it takes. The knowledge about Vietnamese culture as well as culture of others countries are discussed inside and outside of class time to create favorable atmosphere for them.

Creative thinking skills and active learning skills are taught through practical small projects and case studies, which are suitable with students’ ability. Teachers’ aims at helping their students learn, understand and practice in class time.