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Kindergarten - Primary school - High school

Asia Pacific College

Vietnamese Program


The subjects in the Vietnamese MOET program taught at APC include Maths, Literature, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Technology, Computer Science, Music, Art, Civic Education, and Physical Education.
The Vietnamese Program is taught in modules of 30×45 minute periods per week. Innovative teaching methods and modern teaching aids are employed. This is seamlessly integrated with the international program to maximise student learning and to minimise excessive pressure on our students.

Friday afternoons each week are devoted to outdoor activities, such as soccer, basketball and swimming. Extra learning support is also given to students in this time, both for a remediation of the less academic and extension of the academically gifted. In addition, academic clubs (such as Maths Club, English Club, Literature Club), Skills Club, Aptitude Clubs (such as Music Clubs and Sports Clubs) can help students maximise their aptitude and ability in different areas.

Students are given skills and knowledge to gain the high school graduation certificate and, on completion of the Vietnamese MOET program, will be able to sit for the entrance exam to universities in Vietnam.


APC has highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers, both Vietnamese and English-speaking teachers. Our teachers have high academic qualifications, while many have achieved external honors, for example Excellent Teacher Title, Vo Truong Toan Award and Golden Chalk. These teachers train APC students for national and international exams.


  • APC is commited to bring basic knowledge to students through the program of Education and Training Department and also to help mastering theory which students can then apply to real situations.
  • APC has a strong educational philosophical base, to raise the sense of student initiative through creative teaching methods and active learning. and also base on Interactive Brain-Based Teaching.
  • Students learn in pairs, in group activity, role-play, debate and researching for solutions. APC advocates and diversifies all kind of learning activities including theory, exercises, practices, presentation, outdoor activities and game show. Students are always challenged.
  • APC is focused on student welfare; while student misbehavior is rare, discipline for misbehaving students takes place.  More importantly, student potential and pride is cultivated.
  • APC organises regular assessment to guage student progress. Semesters exams are held at the school, papers are marked by teachers and hand them back to students. Exam errors are followed up.