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Kindergarten - Primary school - High school

Asia Pacific College

Teaching methods


APC has applied Montessori training methods that have been widely used in Europe for nearly 100 years.

Montessori educational method is centered on respect of ability, psychology, talent, speed and individual awareness without following strictly the teaching materials. Teachers are the ones who guide students to develop those characters in their best way of life. Students have their right to choose what they think is right according to their understanding and are always stimulated, awarded  and sympathized for when they make mistakes instead of getting punishments.

The ages of kindergarten and primary are considered as the gold age-group to acquire foreign languages. They have enough conditions to develop their communicative English with teachers who especially come from the countries such as the America, England, Australia and Canada.

“Study to play and play to study” is also a method which helps them discover life. At the growing period, students want to know more about the world with the eyes of curiosity and spontaneity. So the school regularly holds extra-curriculum activities for them so that their talent will be revealed and cultivated. There are many professional teachers to teach them subjects such as music, dance, aerobic, art and sport, etc. that help students develop their sense of arts from the early age of their life in the best way.

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APC radically practices educational philosophy of considering students as a center, aimed at engaging student’s initiative through teaching methods and Active learning. The teaching methods based on Interactive Brain Based Teaching where students working in pairs, in groups and doing role-plays, debates and researches to bring out solutions to problems. APC actively diversifies any learning activities and processes consisting of time for theories, exercises, practices, presentations, excursions and game shows, etc. Students are always active because teachers not only give instructions to students but also accompany them students to guide and stimulate their learning process.

APC provides care to individuals by helping weak students improve with their study results or providing training for excellent students. With the class size from 15 to 20 students in one classroom, the relationship between teachers and students is easier, closer and more harmonized. APC has a regular testing system to know the students’ progress in order to make timely adjustments for different cases. Each student has their own learning diaries so we can supervise their progress to timely remind them when they are falling behind as well as encourage them when they make improvements.

APC students are morally educated through weekly or periodically activities such as watching scientific or educational films, attending workshops, sharing values of life, etc. After that, students will write their own reflection. Through it, the school will offer orientations to students to help them improve personality as well as their knowledge.