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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Which education program is applied for Kindergarten at APC?
Educational program at APC is a bilingual international program. This is a combination of the Vietnamese MOET program and international syllabuses. The Montessori Educational model is based on respecting the educational ability of each individual; it states that educational understanding varies with each individual, and allows for respect and tolerance of others. This method has been applied in European countries for hundreds of years.

2. What is the quality of Vietnamese and international teachers?
APC teachers are recruited through a rigorous selection process. All have tertiary qualification from Vietnamese and overseas Universities; a number have Masters’ Degrees. Experienced and well-qualified International and Vietnamese teachers are now employed. Besides detailed knowledge of subject matter, their teaching methods, psychology, devotion, dedication equip them for the responsibility for training students. Many Vietnamese teachers are selectively recruited from high-profile government schools-many of whom have received prestigious teaching awards.

APC has highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers, both Vietnamese and English-speaking teachers. Our teachers have high academic qualifications, while many have achieved external honors, for example Excellent Teacher Title, Vo Truong Toan Award and Golden Chalk. These teachers train APC students for national and international exams.
With modern teaching methods, modern equipment, electronic lesson plans, student-centered method, APC teachers engage students’ activeness and creativeness.
Teachers help students master the core knowledge. Therefore they do not need to study at other centers.
International teachers, who come from English-speaking countries, have at least university degree. They work full time at APC (8h/day or 80 periods/month) to teaching and take care of students.

3. How can the children, who still learn how to speak Vietnamese clearly, learn English?
APC provides a learning environment that encourages students to speak English. APC use different methods in teaching, such as using pictures, films, music, and sound to engage students to learn voluntarily and excitingly. “Learning as playing and playing as learning” method helps students remember lessons and develop their creativeness.

4. How to help students get familiar with school effectively?
In some first days at school, students feel strange and afraid. With this issue, APC applies program “getting familiar with school” for childen who first time go to school. In this program, children can go to school 3 mornings or 3 afternoons a week. There under the instruction of Vietnamese and foreign teachers, the children are attracted to classroom activities such as dialogue, art, or origami. APC’s target is building a friendly playground which helps the children get familiar with school and want to go to school. APC appreciates Parent’s presence in their children’s first days at school.

5. What is the number of student and teacher in each class?
The ideal number of students for each class is 16-18 students and 1 Vietnamese homeroom teacher and 1 foreign teacher accounting for international program. With that ideal number, students are taken care very well both physical and spirit condition. It also helps to recognize and develop student’s talent.

6. If I don’t have time to go to school to ask for information directly, is there any ways for me to get information of school?
If Parents don’t have time to visit school directly, Parents can look for school information via:
Receptionist will call Parents

  • Email:
  • Tel: (08) 5 4042 8888
  • Wesite:

7. Does Vietnamese program fulfil students to go to Universities in Vietnam?
APC gives students Vietnamese program with MOET framework, ensures the graduation rate is 100%. Being accepted to university is not only base on education at school but also the encouragement of family and the effort of students. However APC students with good result or above have more chances to be accepted into universities in Vietnam as well as famous universities in the world.

8. Is The International School’s curriculum at APC similar to other schools?
The APC students learn with active learning method and teachers coming from English-speaking countries such as USA, Britian, Australia, Canada. The international program is designed followed European framework with 50 periods/month for primary and 70 periods/month for Middle and High school. Apc students have more chances to communicate with friends and teachers in English. With beginner level, APC has teaching assistants. All APC teachers have TESOL certificates and are experienced ones. Students of APC gain English level and knowledge comparable to students in developed countries.
In addition, students with aspirations are able to transfer to prestigious universities in English speaking countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore.